Slip, Trip & Falls

Sidewalk and Crosswalk Injury Lawyer in New York
PLEASE BE AWARE: If you are injured on a New York sidewalk, street, school – or other city owned premises owned or maintained by a municipality, (city, village or town) special guidelines apply.

When making a personal injury claim against a municipality, it is generally required to give a written notice of the claim within ninety (90) days after the accident. Call immediately at (800) 401-7375 so that we may file the proper claim in time. This notice of claim process has very specific requirements including the date and time of the accident, the manner in which it occurred, the exact location and the nature of the injuries sustained.  Additionally, sometimes  the condition which caused the sidewalk or crosswalk accident is changed or fixed soon after the accident takes place.  

As such, it is imperative that photos are taken of the condition that caused your fall as soon as practical.